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Join Self Mastery Program with Danielle Gaudette

Create Your Brightest Self

Do you want to be the true master and creator of your life? Are you looking for the keys to happiness, satisfaction, emotional control and self empowerment? Then the Self-Mastery Program is for you!

Through the step-by-step system of the Self-Mastery Program, you will be guided not only through mind-body fundamentals but also self-exploration, self-love and self-healing to become a confident creator of your life’s story.

Curious to try it out first? Try our Intro Session: Intro to Self-Mastery Webinar

This 2-hour session will introduce the 8 steps of the Self-Mastery Program for cultivating a loving relationship with yourself and your life. Through this Introductory Session, vou will experience energy exercises and tools from Brain Education that will help vou form the foundation for self awareness, forgiveness, and empowerment.

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Join Self Mastery Program for Adoptees with Danielle Gaudette

For Self-Love, Self-Forgiveness & Self-Empowerment

Are you an adoptee who is looking for solutions to your unique physical, emotional, and mental challenges in life? Do you want to be mentored by a coach who is an adoptee herself, understands those unique challenges, and is able to guide you to overcome feelings of abandonment and help rediscover your self-worth and confidence?

The Self-Mastery Program for Adoptees is an 8-week online pilot course that will use simple but powerful energy principles and practices for a healing journey into the heart. You will awaken to the sense of how to love and forgive yourself unconditionally and become empowered to change your unconscious habits with new, healthier choices.

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