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Self-Love Essentials: Ancient Energy Principles & Practice for the Inner Healing Journey

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Self-Mastery for Self-Love & Self-Forgiveness

with Danielle Gaudette

Danielle Gaudette

All programs are based on the Brain Education practices and principles written about in Danielle’s book, Healing Tree: An Adoptee’s Story About Hurting, Healing and Letting the Light Shine Through

Awaken & Feel Course: Discovering Self-Love Through Your Body

In this course I will offer a weekly 1-hour live online class, where I will take you through a series of Body & Brain energy exercises and meditations to slowly help you awaken the sense of how to feel love for yourself through the body, through the breath, and through calming your overactive mind.  Students will receive a recording each week so you can continue your practice on your own until we meet again.  My goal is to help you build a new healthy habit with your body and mind using simple, easy techniques.

-Wednesdays @ 4pm PST, ongoing

-Options: 3 months $555, 6 months $999, 1 year $1750

Watch & Accept Course: Self-Forgiveness and the Path to Healing Your Heart

Building on your ability to bring your mind inward and awaken your sense of self-love, this course will take you deeper. Through a one-day intensive, you will go on a journey into the world of your heart to meet with your true essence.  Following that experience, we will continue with weekly 1.5 hour online live sessions to help you bring peace and acceptance into your daily life through cultivating new, healthy emotional habits.  In this course you will learn how to overcome self-judgement, embracing all you have within – the light and the dark – with patience, forgiveness and love.

-Weekly group sessions for 1.5 hrs

-Thursdays @ 7:30pm PT or Fridays @ 11:15am PT, ongoing

 -Options: 3-month Intro Course (12 classes) $900, 6-month Change Course (24 classes) $1650, 1-year Integration Course (48 classes) $2750


Awaken & Feel Course
Finding My True Self Workshop, $295

** Package Deal**

1 Year + 3 month Course, includes:

Awaken & Feel Introduction $555

Awaken & Feel Course $1750

Finding My True Self Workshop $295

1 Year Watch & Accept Course $2750

Total Value $5350, You Pay: $4500 (Save $850)

Private Sessions with Danielle

For those wanting or needing to do the above work privately, or looking for something more customized, I offer a private session package.

10 Sessions, 1-hour per session, $3000

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