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Seeing Our Untarnished Soul With Adoptee Danielle Gaudette- Thriving Adoptees Podcast

Thriving Adoptees Podcast

I love meeting kindred spirits and interviewing them so they can share their learnings with you dear listener. Fellow adoptee Danielle is a total one off in the amount of time and effort she puts into healing and supporting others. We go deep into the truth of who we are in a way that’s accessible and ultimately healing. We back this up with some practical pointers to help you along your healing journey.

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Danielle is a trainer and coach in Brain Education principles and practices and currently works in Seattle as the regional director of Washington Body & Brain Centers. She shares her story in Healing Tree to help others find the courage to go inward – the courage to heal their hearts.

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National Association of Adoptees & Parents

Join host Marcie Keithley from NAAP as she welcomes Danielle Gaudette.

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GetBright Films

After reuniting with her birth mother – and uncovering the primal wound that lay deep within her – Danielle embarked on a twenty-year healing journey that led her to a surprising place: herself.

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Adoption Network (October 12, 2022)

Danielle relates her adoption story, the psychological and emotional unraveling that she experienced after her reunion with her birth mother, and how she dedicated herself to the process of healing her heart. She shares the tools that helped her on this path that she has, in turn, been teaching for the last 20 years to students across the country who wish to go within and cultivate more loving, forgiving, and harmonious relationships with themselves.

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Podcast: Adoption, The Making of Me featuring Danielle Gaudette

Adoption: The Making of Me Podcast

Two adult adoptees, Sarah Reinhardt and Louise Browne, delve into all things adoption – from their perspectives as adult adoptees, to DNA testing, to nature vs. nurture and beyond. In this episode (S3E3), they discuss the first adoptee memoir in a three-part series – starting with “The Mistress’s Daughter” by A.M. Homes – they then speak with Danielle Gaudette, author of Healing Tree.

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Mind Your Own Karma Podcast

Danielle Gaudette shares her adoption story and her book in Episodes 27 and 29 of Season 2 of the Mind Your Own Karma podcast.

Episode 27: Danielle Gaudette Discussion – Part One
Episode 29: Danielle Gaudette Discussion – Part Two

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Speaking Candidly with Candace Podcast

Candidly with Candace Podcast

Danielle Gaudette talks openly about being adopted at birth, her childhood, her adoptive mother’s struggle with anxiety and depression, and the journey that led to meeting her birth mother (actress Kate Mulgrew).

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Who Am I Really? Podcast interviews Danielle Gaudette.

Who Am I Really? Podcast with Damon L. Davis

Danielle, from Kirkland, Washington, has always felt love and loyalty to her adoptive family. So when the doors of reunion were thrown open and information started flying at her, she fell flat on her face. Danielle lived a reunion experience so many adoptive people have imagined — her birth mother IS a celebrity. While that sounds exciting, the speed of their reunion left no space for Danielle to process what was happening. Fortunately her paternal reunion was more easygoing and with some work, Danielle has grounded herself in who she is in both relationships.This is Danielle’s journey.

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Wandering Tree Podcast, S3E8

From Wandering Tree Podcast:

“What if you had the chance to hear a powerful story of adoption, mental illness, and healing from someone who experienced it firsthand? We’re honored to have Danielle Gaudette, author of Healing Tree, share her incredible journey with us.”

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Claiming Your Voice: Danielle Gaudette Podcast

Claiming Your Voice Podcast

Danielle Gaudette talks about her adoption journey, reuniting with her birth mother, and finding a pathway to healing. 

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