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Feeling Grateful

Last week, we just finished up another 8-weeks of Emotional Self-Mastery!  

I lead this course for adoptees-only on Tuesdays, and non-adoptees on Thursdays.  I am always deeply touched to learn how these energy principles and practices, rooted in Brain Education, are helping the lives of so many beautiful people.  Hearing the sharing of every student lights up my heart with joy.

There were those newcomers who found hope in discovering new ways to connect with themselves, to understand and accept themselves. And there were those who have repeated the course with me several times, who felt the healing power of facing themselves, loving themselves, and making new healthy choices for themselves and their lives.  I believe all tiny discoveries and healing moments are cause for large celebrations!

It’s important to celebrate ourselves. It’s important to praise ourselves. It’s important to encourage ourselves.  We are all doing this life in the best way we know how.  Every single time we get up again after falling, every time we make a new choice, every time we expand in even the slightest of ways, we are evolving our human race; we are raising the collective’s emotional intelligence.

I am so grateful to be a part of the healing journey of others. I know my own journey has been incredibly profound, and I only wish that my times of great suffering, as well as my experiences of great illumination, can all be made useful for another on the path. It’s like sharing a small flash light with your fellow travelers 🙂 As many of you know, this is why I ever wrote my memoir, Healing Tree, in the first place.

So, I find myself feeling grateful for all the lovely souls who have trained with me – in these past eight weeks, as well as over the past twelve years that I have been sharing Emotional Self-Mastery in its various forms.   All of you (you know who you are) are in my heart. Your stories, your efforts, your victories all live with me and give me tremendous fuel to continue living my purpose.

Let’s keep awakening, feeling, watching, accepting, choosing, acting, evaluating and creating our brightest lives! I am sending you love and light for your road ahead!


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