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Conversation with a Plant

While practicing my morning meditation routine the other day, I had a conversation with my plant.  I know this may sound a bit strange, but it was actually quite inspiring for me, so I thought I would share.

In the midst of my energy purification exercises, I happened to get a glimpse of her deep green leaves.  Big and shiny, they were vibrant, drawing me in. I paused my practice to go over and spend a moment with her.  Bringing my face closer to what felt like her welcoming arms, my attention sharpened.  I breathed and focused with earnest curiosity, connecting with her fresh aura. The pure sweetness she was emitting tickled my heart.  I said, “Hello lovely! Do you have something you want to tell me today?”

My plant responded immediately. Of course, she didn’t suddenly grow a pair of lips and start to talk, but the message from her friendly spirit entered straight into my brain and heart!

“I am alive!” She said,” And so are you!”

To which I replied with a smile, “Thank you.”

It was as simple as that! Simple, yet perhaps one of the most beautiful conversations I have ever had 🙂 

Her message was like a little sparkle, a blessing, leaving me with a sense of loving gratitude. Yes, it’s true. I am alive! I am Life itself. Life – just like my plant, like the vibrant green of her leaf – like all of nature. We share this one life. What message could be more important than that? 

But, oh, how often I forget this truth! I forget everyday! Countless times! I forget when my body is tired, or when people misunderstand me, or when I have to go to jury duty, or when the world doesn’t seem to make any sense.  It’s part of the human journey to forget.

But it’s also part of the human journey to remember again! When we look up at the sky, or into the eyes of one we love… or into the eyes of anyone, for that matter! When we truly look with sincerity, we see the soul standing before us, whether it be the soul of a person, or the soul of a plant, or the soul of an animal, or the soul of the earth. When we look with more than just our physical eyes, but with all our senses, we feel something move in our hearts. We cannot help but remember again the Life we share.

Every day, we are all here reminding each other of who we really are. When we get into our hearts, and out of our heads, we can sense it. Reminders are everywhere: A stranger’s smile. A sunset. The scent of a rosemary bush. The sound of birds chirping. A conversation with a plant 🙂

Our lives are a great study of discovering who we are, as well as who we are not.  It’s a beautiful unfolding, really. Even as we sift through pain, suffering and confusion, when we finally experience those glimmers of clarity and truth, it’s quite remarkable.

My teacher often speaks of “patience, forgiveness and love.”  The challenges we face are our opportunities to cultivate these three beauties, deep within.  He encourages us to look to the tree growing high on a mountain, as an example for us all.  This tree faces the harshest of winds, bitter cold, and treacherous storms of snow.  But the tree doesn’t complain.  The tree doesn’t blame the mountain or whatever fate dropped its seedling in this particular spot on the planet. The life of the tree perseveres with patience, forgiveness and love. This great Life is the Life that we all are.

Personally, I feel joy in the opportunity to cultivate my patience, forgiveness and love. My own seedling wasn’t dropped on the easiest mountain either! But through those challenges, I have grown resilience. I have found more compassion.  I have come to discover who I really am.  Oh, and most importantly, I have developed the sacred ability to converse with plants 🙂




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  1. Seema Tiwari says:

    The Universe speaks to us in so many different ways. I am glad you’re listening too! 🙏🏽

    1. Danielle says:

      Yes! 😉

  2. Claudia says:

    So beautifully written!

    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you, Claudia!

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