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Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the shortest, and therefore darkest, day of each year.  Here in North America, it will be taking place on Thursday, December 21st.  This year, Earth Management TV will be offering a Live Meditation on that special day…why, you may ask?

As it is also called the “longest night,” some people might dread the lack of daylight and feel no desire to celebrate. However, the winter solstice is a powerful opportunity for reflection and prayer.

It is a time for us to sincerely look back on the year gone by and contemplate what we would like to leave behind.  Whether it be actions or reactions we were not proud of, harmful habits we followed, unhealthy relationships or situations we found ourselves in, or negative emotions we were consumed by – what is it that we don’t want to take with us into our next circle around the sun? What is it we literally want to “leave in the dark”?  What is it that we want to ask the solstice to kindly take from us with the blackness of her night, helping us to move on?

The winter solstice is the end of a cycle.  We have a chance to see this darkest day like a friend, aiding us in our own transformation.  Rather than viewing it as something bothersome, we have the opportunity to greet this day with gratitude.

It is a time to rejoice, because from the very next day there will be more light! So, as part of our prayer, in addition to letting go of what we want to leave behind, we can also welcome the light, meditating on what we want to bring into this new cycle. What is “of the light” that we want to populate our future with?  What bright life do we want to create there?  Here we can imagine and visualize to our hearts content, until we are filled with joy, as we send energy towards transformation, evolution and what we really want to manifest.

The beauty is this: we can take ourselves through this meditation process for ourselves and our own lives, but we can also do it for our planet and our world.  Moreover, when we meditate together, our prayers become amplified.  On the day when we prepare for a new light to usher in, joining our hearts and our consciousness together with focus towards a single wish for a brighter tomorrow will create a more magnified field of possibility than when we do it alone.  Human beings have great power in numbers.

So, if you’d like to participate in making this year’s solstice a precious time to send energy not only to ourselves and our loved ones, but also to the earth and all of humanity, please join EMTV’s Live Event @ 12pm ET on Thursday, December 21st! Winter Solstice: Guided Meditation for World Peace.

I truly hope we can all take time out of our busy schedules that day to pause, put our hearts and minds together, and make a wish for a more beautiful world.

Every heart counts!




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