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Live as Love

Today’s message is: Live as Love.  It rushed into my mind this morning like the tune of a song I know, and it felt so right.

Live as the love you truly want to be. Live as the love you want to receive from others. Live as the love you want to see in this world.  

You may be asking,”what exactly does that look like? What actually is this thing called love?” But I believe these questions can only be answered by your own heart; by feeling your own heart.

Your heart knows what love is. Even if your mind tries to intellectualize it a thousand times over – even if you read books about it and listen to speakers on the topic – still, it is ultimately your own heart that feels the answer.

When I ask myself, many answers arise! My heart leaps and wants to show me all the ways love breathes itself into my life!

Love can be listening, sharing and communicating. Love can be expressing myself honestly, even when I’m afraid.

Love is sincerity, compassion, understanding.

Love begins with loving myself – taking care of my body with nourishing foods, restorative rest, and exercise/ movement that brings me joy.  Love is in each mindful breath I take.  Love is listening to my body when it’s hurting and giving it what it needs.  

Loving myself is also about taking care of my mind, gently bringing my mind back to my body and observing myself with patience and kindness. Love is practicing to manage my thoughts, emotions and beliefs, discovering self-acceptance  and self-trust.  Love is not about having to be perfect – it’s about learning to fully embrace my imperfect self.  Love is about letting go of the unhealthy expectations and perspectives that steal my love away from me.

Love is about giving and receiving.

Love is about gratitude and appreciation.

Love is about the beauty of the present moment.  Therefore, living as love is being in the present moment.

When I love, I grow and expand myself. My soul shines brighter and I feel like the entire heaven & earth are smiling with me, loving with me.

Living as love is learning forgiveness for myself and others. The more I surrender to the Great Beauty of existence itself, the more my love is free. 

Many years ago, when I was studying abroad at the University College Galway in Ireland, I took a literature class where we read James Joyce’s, Ulysses.  There was a quote in that book I will never forget. It read, “Love loves to love love.”  I think it is in this message, this truth, where we find proof that if we live as love, then love will certainly grow on this planet. Because love loves to love love.

Love is not all good days. It’s not only roses and butterflies.  However, love is in recognizing that the power lies within me to love myself despite my hard times. And when I do, it will not be long before the light of love will illuminate my heart once again.

It seems to me, living as love is the best win-win choice there is.  Because, when I love, it’s like a magical medicine for my own body, mind and spirit.  At the same time, the beautiful aroma of love will most definitely be healing for those I share it with as well. 

Living as love is fundamental for a new humanity – it is an essential ingredient in building a peaceful, harmonious world.

So, from my heart to yours, please share with me: what are all the ways you live as love?





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  1. Vince says:

    So true. Master Danielle! I’m in the zone here. We can say words to help others without knowing why it helps. When I choose Love
    I choose to be transcendental to the limits of my abilities. Simply put, if I love, truly love— I can’t go wrong! Master Danielle! #1 fan
    Vinson P.S. What song helped kick this off so well?

    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you for sharing, Vinson! It was no particular song…just like when a random song pops into your heard. It was a random thought 🙂

  2. Seema Tiwari says:

    Find joy in everyday things
    In solitude, in company
    In moments that make us laugh
    In moments that make us cry
    In people and situations that make us question
    In all the Ifs and Buts and Whys
    Not losing sight of the destination
    But loving the journey
    Cherishing each moment
    That was, that is, and that will be
    For one day when we will look back at our lives
    We will cry at the things that once made us laugh
    And laugh at the things that once made us cry
    For embracing this chaos is the key
    To finding true inner peace
    To live a life well-lived
    Is to love the life one has
    Because our souls has rented our bodies
    On a short-term lease

    When I count my blessings, I will be sure to count you twice because you always come up with such spiritually stimulating ideas that makes me do some real soul-searching.

    So, Thank You 🙏🏽 & Keep Shining! 🌞

    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you, Seema, for sharing your beautiful thoughts & wisdom with us!

  3. Carol says:

    Love that “Love loves to love love”! My whole body tingles with happiness as my face smiles and my heart beats with peace. Thank you. Blessings!

    1. Danielle says:

      Yay! Blessings & Love back to you, Carol!!

  4. Patricia says:

    Hi Danielle, I love your blog so much and I am reading your older entries so I can get caught up as I got here a little late😊 . PS. Your writing has inspire me and provoke deep contemplation it’s really beautiful, am sure you’ve been told that a million times but I just wanted to say it. When I ask that question what is love I think of my mom, I felt most loved by my mom, she passed in 2008 and a part of me is afraid I might forget that love. I agree with you that love can be so many things, aside from my mom it’s my family, my siblings, it’s when I see that humanity is not lost although sometimes we can be so hateful to each other in this world. Love for me is when I go on my runs and I watch the sunrise or sunset depending on what time of the day (and where I live they are truly spectacular 😊) and I get to see the beauty of Mother Earth. Love to me is just being, feeling and being grateful for the good and bad things that life gives us.
    Thank you for sharing such heartfelt insights. I am truly grateful.

    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, Patricia! Welcome to the Healing Tree blog! I’m so happy to meet you here, and glad to know the posts have been inspiring for you.

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