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Let Go and Trust

Happy New Year!!!

How’s it going so far? Have you made a healing theme for yourself? 

The theme I created for myself this year is to feel my Wholeness always – 24 hours! I know, it’s quite a big dream.  But I wanted to challenge myself to really stay awake and connected!

Here we are at day 10 of January 2023, and I definitely have not felt my Wholeness all day every day! I say this with a smile though, because I am satisfied with the effort I have put forth so far, with my awareness and attention to the theme, and I am happy to share my interesting discovery.  In attempting to connect with my Wholeness, I have found my mind being drawn continuously to these two necessary ingredients: LETTING GO and TRUSTING.

This is interesting to me because I had not quite expected them to be at the forefront, since my main interest is feeling my Wholeness.  However, they are essential.  Since I am already Whole at the level of my soul, it would seem that all I need to do is lean into this bright, loving, fulfilled feeling.  Easy to say, right? But so hard to do.  And what makes it hard?  Well, this is what I see when I observe myself carefully…

There is a constant bombardment of stimulation – from inside my own brain as well as from the world around me – of which I keep reacting to.  All this stimulation makes me uncomfortable in some way, so there is an automatic reaction of even more thoughts and more emotions, more assumptions and expectations.  It seems to be a never-ending feedback loop of reaction. These continuous stress responses pull me away from the peace of my Wholeness again and again.  

There is only one thing to be done to cut this loop: let go of the reactions.  But letting go is also easier said than done! It can be scary, confusing, and hard to grasp.  However, it becomes so easy when I can trust.

Trust. Another tough topic. It was my theme word in 2021 and I practiced that year to awaken the sense of trust in myself. In 2023 so far, what I am awakening to is the importance of an even deeper sense of trust in the universe itself. A sense of trust that everything must be happening for my growth, my healing, my awakening, my transformation; if I choose to believe this is true, my sense of trust expands exponentially.

If I can catch the sense of trust, I can let go. All the thoughts, emotions, reactions, assumptions and expectations become insignificant. They fall away naturally. Then, I can return to the Wholeness of my soul. I can realign with it.

Some days I find myself chanting it inside my mind: Trust, Trust, Trust.

I get unexpected news, “Trust, Trust, Trust”

Things don’t go as I had planned or hoped for, “Trust, Trust, Trust.”

Old habits come flooding back in response to new situations, “Trust, Trust, Trust.”

My body does weird things, “Trust, Trust, Trust.”

My mind does weird things, “Trust, Trust, Trust.”

You get my point 🙂

Let go and trust. Let go and trust. Let go and trust and return to my Wholeness. It’s always right there, waiting for me.  And maybe all of this wild and crazy life is just an opportunity to practice remembering who I am. And practicing to let go of who I am not.

This is my interesting discovery of 2023. So far so good, I would say!

Is your new year treating you well? Do you have a theme for your growth and transformation? Please feel free to share in the comments. I would love to hear all about the healing intentions you have for the year ahead!





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  1. Ella says:

    Hello Danielle,

    Happy new year!

    May I ask for some clarification? In saying that you’re trusting that “everything MUST be happening for “my growth, my healing, my awakening…” are you essentially saying all things happen for a reason? Or that those are the reasons you chose to believe in?

    I’ve always believed in randomness and chaos, and action and consequence. This trust piece is difficult. I also feel like “universe” is just thrown around so much, it loses any concrete meaning. What does it even mean? I don’t know.

    I don’t really comment on your posts much, but I am a pretty faithful reader. I’m very early in any sort of spiritual journey, or very late, depending on how you look at it. I appreciate your perspective, though.

    Warm wishes,

    1. Danielle says:

      Thanks for reaching out with your questions, Ella. I’m saying that I choose to believe that everything is happening for some kind of reason… or at least is an opportunity for me to grow and heal and learn and expand. I choose to believe this because it works for me. It helps me relax and learn to trust the flow of my life. It eases unnecessary fears and worries and stories made up by my mind. That’s why I choose it. I have come to realize we all have our right to choose whatever works best for each of us. For me, I love this feeling of absolute trust when I can lean into the arms of my higher self. I understand and agree that universe is thrown around quite a bit. I just use it because it speaks to us being a part of this vast cosmos – undoubtedly it’s the fiber of our being. We are not separate from nature, any way you slice it. So it’s easier to speak of this universe, this cosmos, rather than speaking of god or even divinity because that can stir religious confusions for people. None of it is meant to be religious, as I don’t consider myself a religious person, but I am a deeply spiritual person sharing my experiences and discoveries as I try to navigate through this life. Does that make sense? Am I answering your questions? I’m happy to discuss further. I appreciate you! Sending warm new year wishes back to you~~~

  2. Tina Frisco says:

    The ‘never-ending feedback loop of reaction’ that you mention, Danielle, is a real challenge. Stop reacting, let go, trust that everything happens for a reason. Yes, I also sense it. Although the universe seems chaotic at times, it is, in fact, orderly. As above, so below – if we simply let it be. That I AM is enough, and everything. Happy New Year, my friend! ❤️

    1. Danielle says:

      Yes! “That I AM is enough.” Perfect. Thank you for sharing, Tina. Happy New Year & many blessings to you!!!

  3. Amy Anderson says:

    Wow I love this WHOLE post so much! Especially this:

    “If I can catch the sense of trust, I can let go. All the thoughts, emotions, reactions, assumptions and expectations become insignificant. They fall away naturally. Then, I can return to the Wholeness of my soul. I can realign with it.”

    And the idea to chant TRUST, TRUST, TRUST to myself is very helpful.

    My word of the year is SERENITY and my healing theme is BOUNDARIES!

    Thank you for sharing your heart and with wisdom with us. 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you, Amy! And thank you for sharing your word and theme for 2023. I love them! I’m wishing you an amazing growth-filled year!!

  4. Téa says:

    Thank you

  5. Téa says:

    Thank you. It spoke directly to my heart

    1. Danielle says:

      I’m so happy to hear that. Thank you for sharing.

  6. John says:

    Happy New Year, Danielle.

    I am new to your blog. I appreciate you taking the time to share your healing theme for 2023.

    After reading this post, I am feeling motivated to prioritize and clarify my healing intentions.

    In reflecting on my own intentions, a healing theme focused on trust feels right. Recently I had been aware of wishing and wanting to trust more, but until this read, it had been limited to trust in others and more recently with myself. I had never considered expanding it to trust in the universe.

    The entire post and the comments/questions are all rich to consider. It feels like new pathways are forming for healing inside me – just waiting to be…of service and maybe…trusted!

    Thank you Danielle for sharing in such a positive and enlightening way and for sharing the posts of others.


    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you, John! It’s so nice to receive your comment, and to find you here at the Healing Tree blog. I am very happy to hear that the post stimulated some healing reflections for you and perhaps some new healing choices for your road ahead. I’m truly wishing you the best in your year of trust!!

  7. Vinson says:

    Hi Master Danielle. Cutting that feedback loop by stopping the reaction is something I see I need to do more sharply. I know it will help. I seem to do it partly. Thanks for message.

    1. Danielle says:

      Partly is a good beginning! You can keep challenging yourself to increase your power to decrease your reaction. Try to enjoy the process!

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