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Happy Winter Solstice

Last night before going to bed, I read this in a book and it hit me right in the center of my adoptee-heart:

My child, you were never abandoned. I have always been here, loving you unconditionally. You simply forgot that you are one with the universe. Remember who you are and come home. Wrap yourself in the divine embrace of the moon and the stars.  Everything about you is perfect.

                                                                                             — SPIRIT


I read it again and again, feeling it to be so beautifully spoken and absolutely true.

This morning I awoke at 4 am.  Not intentionally, but suddenly I was just awake and alert.  Lying in my bed, breathing, I could feel the sacred energy of the early morning. With each breath I relaxed, allowing this energy to seep into me, and at some moment I realized this was not only the energy of morning, but this was the energy of the solstice, breathing something new and fresh into my body – something alive.

Inspired in this mystical moment, I turned on the light and wrote in my journal!  I felt I just had to. I’m pretty certain Spirit was coming through me in that moment, so I decided to share what I wrote with you:

Happy Solstice!

Some moments can be challenging. The mind can be dark; the perspective negative. But if I just wait a little bit – pause, watch, witness – the wave shifts, my feeling opens, and a new perspective comes. My soul is always right there waiting for me. She’s so happy when I find her again. 

The body is amazing. It fights to survive. It seeks balance. Nature is beautiful. Harmony is the universal law.

The ego is a small-me that sees itself outside of this perfect system and therefore, somehow, outside of nature itself.

From a larger perspective, it doesn’t make any sense.  Nothing can be outside of nature itself. Yet, it seems to make so much sense to the ego. Me me me. Such a compelling point-of-view.

My body is the earth, my soul is the sky reaching toward the vast universe. My divinity is the star – the source – from where it all began and where it will all return. Someday.

I choose to live each day with gratitude for this magnificent mystery.


I’m wishing you all a wonderful solstice meditation as well! 

And for anyone who would like to join together in a collective Earth Meditation on this sacred-energy day, please feel free to join this YouTube Live, hosted by Earth Management TV:

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  1. Courtney V Lindop says:

    I love this. I always feel so much energy when I read your words. Thank you ☺️

    1. Danielle says:

      I’m so happy to hear that 🙂

  2. Vince says:

    Your story reminds me of a night last nov. Just beginning to try to sleep, the biggest brightest full moon in my life just “appeared” in a slot space between the window blinds. I didn’t move. The moon moved to that line. The Divine Spirit was saying Hi Vinson, Peace. Happy Holidays Master Danielle!

    1. Danielle says:

      Beautiful 🙂 Happy Holidays back to you, Vinson!!

  3. Vinson says:

    Hi Master Danielle—-. I only just watched some of the video about forgiving oneself. I felt compelled to slip to that section. I read along as you read it. Powerfull yet peaceful. Helpful and healing. My healing tree is growing within my body and soul. Isn’t it great! I was thinking how fantastic for you to book a 10 day cruise ship and healing tree followers could join up and work and have fun as a group. And go on shore leaves along the way where you spearhead earth day explorations, hikes, and anything else you see as good. Just saying. Just dreaming. Ichibon

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