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It’s December 1st. We have arrived upon the final month of 2022. Wow!

It’s been quite the year for me. It started off in January going one direction, then that direction came to an unexpected screeching halt by the end of April. May 4th I launched Healing Tree, opening up a new direction entirely.  The journey of sharing Healing Tree led me to meeting so many new, wonderful people; having the opportunity to speak on several webinars and podcasts; connecting to the NAAP support series; and beginning my new online classes.  It’s been a very productive journey!  And, if all goes as planned, I’m hoping to finish this year with one more launch…Healing Tree the Audiobook!! Then, two of my big goals will have been successfully completed.

This year, I have created so much, and made some dreams come true. However, when I look back, I feel what’s most important is my own inner growth and transformation.  How have I changed through all of this? How have I evolved as a person?

For those of you who have read Healing Tree, or for my Body & Brain students who train with me, or for my readers who have been visiting this blog since its beginning in 2015, you know how much I emphasize end-of-year-reflection for new-year creation.

So, for those interested in ongoing self-development, I thought it was time for us to do this end-of-year-check-in for ourselves. It requires us having some time to get quiet, to look inward, to ask some honest questions, to feel, and to get the answers from our hearts. Here’s some questions that come to my mind:

What did you set out to create in 2022?

Did you have a “theme” for yourself? What was it? 

How have you studied this theme this year? Did you forget all about it? Can you see ways the Universe gave you training for your development?

Did you get closer to your goal? What part would you like to continue to work on in 2023?

Is there something you’d still really like to achieve this year? If yes, it’s only December 1st! You still have 30 more days! Go for it!!

Remember: This self-reflection is not for self-judgment. Absolutely no judgment allowed! Just be honest with yourself, and sincerely feel into your answers. As you do so, your plan for next year’s growth will naturally reveal itself inside your heart.

For me, my 2022 theme was initially about strengthening my Inner Watcher.  It quickly came with a sub-theme (since this is all my creation, I can add whatever feels right to me whenever it comes up!). The sub-theme was directly from  The Four Agreements: “Don’t Take Anything Personally.”

I have been reflecting on these two themes all throughout the year.  As I rode the waves of some high highs and some low lows, they never left my mind.  I kept telling myself, “This must be happening right now so I can strengthen my inner watcher, and so I can not take things personally.”  Even with less extreme daily happenings, interactions, random moods and physical conditions, I kept trying to remember that all of this is happening for a reason. Although I do forget sometimes, I like to believe that the Universe really is sending all of this to me for my highest good – for helping me achieve the intention I have put forth for my growth this year.

Here on December 1st, I can honestly say I made amazing headway with taking things less personally. I had SO MANY opportunities to practice this year – straight out of the gate!! And I can truly feel the transformation of my consciousness from where I was at the beginning of the year, to the serenity I feel within myself today.  It’s a peace that has emerged as I have realized again and again, “this is not about me and I really don’t need to take it personally.” It’s been a practice in letting go.

As for strengthening my Inner Watcher, I feel that although I have done some good work here, I’d like to continue working on this goal in 2023. Upon the end of this year, I now have more insight into what causes me to actually lose the connection to my Inner Watcher, and I feel ready to continue developing my observation power in the year to come.  

As I continue to self-reflect, I have already begun to jot down in my journal where I want to focus in 2023. This process brings much joy to me. It allows me to see my life in a different way. Rather than just being pushed along the stream of life until my final day, this process reminds me that I am truly the creator, and every year, month and day is so precious. Every achievement and failure, every high and low, every relationship, every happening is a kind of teacher for me, awakening me to the deeper truths of my heart, allowing me to decide what I want being a human being on planet Earth to be about.  

If you resonate with what I’m saying here, I invite you to also practice being the creator of your life. If if you didn’t set out to do that at the beginning of this year, it’s ok! You can always start right now. Every moment is a new opportunity to choose. How would you like to create your 2023?  It begins with this end-of-the-year-check-in.

If you’re up for it, feel free to share your process, or any questions, in the comments. I wish you all a wonderful December!


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  1. Amy Anderson says:

    I love this so much! Thank you for the reminder to reflect on the past year – without judgment- before it’s over! I’m excited to do it!

  2. Amy Anderson says:

    I just journaled my responses to the questions you posed and it’s super helpful. It’s really great to do this before the end of the year as you suggest because we still have time to achieve some of the things that we set as goals earlier in the year. Feels good. Thank you so much. ❤️🙏🧡

    1. Danielle says:

      YES!!!! I’m so so SO glad to hear that it was helpful for you!!!

  3. Tina Frisco says:

    For a few years now I’ve been working on feelings of rejection ~ similar, I think, to not taking anything personally. It’s amazing how feelings continue to present themselves as each layer is peeled away, revealing just how deeply the emotions are rooted. Not wanting to be ‘pushed along the stream of life,’ letting go is a daily practice. Thank you for sharing your journey, Danielle. Hugs and Happy Holidays ❤️

    1. Danielle says:

      Thank you for sharing, Tina. I completely agree! Hugs and Happy Holidays back to you!!

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