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Brain Education

“I work hard to create myself anew, to heal myself and cultivate myself.  It’s a process.  

After my blissful meeting with my soul at the Finding True Self workshop, it wasn’t as if I was suddenly “enlightened.”  I had gotten a taste of my Absolute Value, but it was just the beginning.  Through that experience, I realized that I had been living in an upside-down house, that I had finally found the door to get out of it, but that door was on the ceiling!  It was my job to climb myself up and out, and to begin living my new life. The steps to make that climb – where to put my feet and reach with my hands – were inside the principles of Brain Education. 

Brain Education, created by Ilchi Lee, is the curriculum upon which Body & Brain practice is based.  It’s about the health of the body, mind and spirit.  Ultimately, it’s about the health of society and the earth.  It begins with training our bodies, our ki-energy systems, and our brains to become healthy, happy, peaceful, productive and creative.

I was intrigued by Brain Education because it gave me concrete principles and practices to become my True Self – not just to find my True Self, not just to feel it once or twice, but to become it. This is the journey I so wanted to take, the journey I chose to take – the journey of a lifetime.”

~ Healing Tree, p. 123-124

I’m obviously a huge fan of Brain Education.  It’s a training system that works to help us get back in touch with our original nature by playing well with our bodies and brains.  Although it uses very simple energy exercises and meditations, there is no limit to its depth. I have been practicing it for approximately half of my life, and plan to continue for as long as I have a body! I really can’t imagine life without Brain Education.

I am so thankful to Linda Yoonjin, who wanted to share my story and my book to the BETV audience. Although it felt impossible to put into words the profound ways Brain Education has impacted me, I tried :). Most of all, I am sharing this video with you today because I hope for others to be able to use BETV as a resource, who may be curious to learn more, or try it out for themselves.

We all have our pasts, our stories, our struggles, and we continue to face such hard times as we live life in this strange, chaotic, beautiful world.  If there’s one thing we can always do, in any situation, it is training. If our hardship guides us to go deeper, to grow and cultivate our inner potential, then there is nothing to do but be grateful for all of it.

I know I am.

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  1. Alice says:

    Hi Danielle,
    That makes perfect sense to me! It’s all about the mind-body connection in so many different contexts. The journey is endless if you want to continue to grow and evolve. I always say: “Mind your body; Embody your mind.”

    Find inspiration in what you’re grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Danielle says:

      Yes! I love it! Happy Thanksgiving, Alice!!

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