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Thinking about the Healing Tree community, I wanted to write a blog post today because, with my travel schedule in September, it may be some time before I get a chance to write another one. However, when I sat down in front of my computer to do so, my mind was blank. What do I want to write about?

Since staring at my screen wasn’t bringing me closer to an answer, I got up, danced around my living room for a bit, and then decided to go for a walk around the block.

As I walked, I felt the bright sun shining on my face and the light breeze tickling my skin, cooling me off. I heard the rustling of leaves and the sound of birds chirping (sometimes I even felt them singing in my heart!). I smelled the clean, freshness in the Seattle air, and the scent of the pines surrounding my neighborhood.

With each step, my brain relaxed, my thoughts quieted down. I breathed out the tension in my mind – tension I hadn’t even realized was there – and I felt my chest open up. My heart twinkled; my lips smiled.  I remembered again who I am. At my essence, I am nature. 

It was healing and rejuvenating to take a walk with my essence. In less than twenty minutes, I was able to get out of my head and feel the aliveness in my body. I was able to come back to my true self. Once re-connected, I felt passion welling up inside…

I am passionate about my essence, about the pure life that breathes inside of me.

I am passionate about remembering who I am, no matter how many times I forget, and about finding my way back to the feeling of my essence, appreciating each and every precious moment of it.

I am passionate about reminding others of who they really are and, when I can, helping them find their way back to the feeling of their own essence as well. No matter how many times I may say the same thing in the same way, still it evokes passion in me to share from this sacred place in my heart.

I am passionate about being able to recognize more and more of what is actually not my essence, not my truth, but what I misbelieved was “me” for a lifetime. I am passionate about liberating myself from those illusions, and I am passionate about inspiring others to liberate themselves too.

I am passionate about seeing a world where living each day with our essence alive inside is the norm, a world where we all remember that we are nature, and where we honor and respect that nature with the utmost gratitude and love.

Oh, what a beautiful world it will be!

So, today, if you have a chance, go for a walk with your essence! Feel how even the same old neighborhood can become a magical place when you recognize the pure life within and all around you. We don’t necessarily need to go deep into the forest or the mountain to allow nature to love us, to give to us, to heal us. When we remember who we really are, then even an encounter with small flowers, crows cawing, or blades of grass blowing in the wind can bring us peace, fulfillment, and the reminder that we are perfect and whole, just as we are.  

If you are willing to share, I would love to hear about your experiences with your essence in the comments!

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  1. Tina says:

    Such a beautiful post, Danielle, exquisitely presented. Life, as most humans experience it, is an illusion. We gauge it in a linear fashion through what we call time and space. In doing so, we narrow our vision and perception. You’ve offered a key to unlocking the depth and breadth of life experience on Mother Earth, and most likely beyond ~ a walk in nature with our essence. So simple, yet so profound. For me, walking in nature is the expressway to my essence. I feel connected to a higher consciousness and purpose. I feel one with the universe and the Divine. At times, I feel myself merge with the greater awareness of existence. I feel eminently alive, ignited by the clarity and pureness of spirit. Freeing my mind of thought and allowing myself to simply be, I feel wholly liberated. In order to focus my intention, I have to move out of my own way ~ out of the frenzied lower mind ~ before I can enter the coherent higher mind. Walking in nature with my essence always serves. Thank you for sharing this enlightenment ❤️

    1. Danielle says:

      Beautiful! Thank you for sharing ~ I love to hear the ways in which we are resonating.

  2. Vince says:

    Hi Master Danielle, My essence is being an alchenist of body, mind, soul, and spirit. Towards others, and towards and within myself. Changing despair to hope. Sadness to joy. Fear to comfort. Weakness to strength. Darkness to light. From which to lead to achievement of dreams. I will not yield to evil, to misfortune, to hardship. I stand upon solid rock.

    1. Danielle says:

      Hurray, Vinson! Wonderful!!

  3. Ella says:

    I feel like I’ve been disconnected from nature for a long time. It was a strong part of my childhood and then I moved to a big city. In the city, it was about experiencing nature in a different way that I don’t think I ever learned how to do. And now it’s been 15 years. And when I go for walks all I can hear are the car horns, sirens, people pushing me out of their way. I’m trying to move back to nature but it’s logistically incredibly difficult. I’m not a wealthy person. I’ve never been able to fully explain when employers ask me why I want to relocate. Maybe it’s because I didn’t truly understand it myself. But after reading this post a few days ago it stuck with me. I need some dirt in my hands. I need the earth. I need the ground. Maybe that’s my starting point. This is a bit of a ramble, but I’m feeling a bit down today and I appreciate this safe space in which I can shake a bit of it off. How to get back to nature and therefore to myself? Go for a walk, change my perspective from the cars to the trees, I guess.

    1. Danielle says:

      I’m happy that you are able to use this as a space to process what’s going on inside of you, Ella. I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling disconnected but yes, I do think a change of perspective will be a great starting point for a shift! I also want to encourage you to trust yourself and your instincts. Listen to them. And if you want something new, ask your inner essence to guide you there…. I wish you the very best on your journey back to nature – inside and out!

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