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Hello 2022!

Happy New Year!

Are you all feeling ready for the new year?  Have you taken time to reflect on 2021 in order to prepare yourself for 2022?

Reflection is important.  It’s not for beating ourselves up for the things we didn’t do, but rather to gain a better understanding of ourselves, so we can continue finding solutions to our problems and creating the lives we want.  Ilchi Lee often says the past is passed. The only reason to look back is to discover the teachings, blessings and gifts it has to offer.

2021 was both a creative year and a challenging year for me.

Creatively, I poured much effort into my book and made great progress. I worked together with fabulous editors to complete the final version of the manuscript. I trekked through the arduous process of obtaining all the necessary signatures of approval from the eleven names mentioned in part one: the memoir.  For part two, I set up the contracts needed for me to concretely share some of the principles and practices of Body & Brain and Brain Education.  Thus, my “teaching memoir” was born.

Challenge-wise, there were times when I found myself coming face to face with some inner demons as I questioned old beliefs and dared to dream of new possibilities for myself and my life.  When I look back, the blessing that came out of the struggle was an increased sense of self-trust.  Seems appropriate, since my 2021 theme of the year was “Trust.”  I now see that in choosing my way out of each dark valley, I strengthened my trust in myself and in my own unique journey.

As I move into 2022, I am able to distance myself just a little more from my own mind.  I can recognize more quickly that I have a mind that hurts sometimes – a mind that gets angry sometimes, desires love sometimes, feels insecure and unsafe sometimes –  but that mind is not me.  That mind is not who I really am.  When I trust this, I am able to re-align my awareness with a larger consciousness, a cosmic consciousness, even if for only a precious moment.

I choose for 2022 to be a year that I nurture these moments, tending to this alignment, continuously cultivating a new relationship with my mind and with my body. “New relationship” simply means opening up the eyes that see with new perspectives.  I want to let go of the perspectives that no longer serve my health, happiness and peace and replace them with wider, wiser perspectives.

I’m looking forward to a monumental year because my book is going to be published in May!  Please stay tuned for:

Healing Tree

An Adoptee’s Story of Hurting, Healing & Letting the Light Shine Through

by Danielle Gaudette

In 2022 and years to come, I plan to continue my pursuit of being a conscious creator of my life, one who grows her inner light and shares it with others, one who chooses love, one who dreams of a brighter world and takes actions each day towards that end. Even the humble and modest actions, the ones no-one else sees but my own soul, are precious.  In fact, they may be the most powerfully transformative actions of all.

Happy New Year and many blessings to all!!!!!!!




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Vinson Shinabery
Vinson Shinabery
7 months ago

Master Danielle, I toast your profound expression of freedom. The freedom to break away from the past that hurts and haunts our mind. When we reach for our goals and try for those things we want to achieve and love, we have to let go of our hold of the pain of the past. The passages you wrote here are some of the best I’ve ever read!
When your book is released for sale, I want an autographed copy!!!

Alice Schluger
Alice Schluger
7 months ago

Hi Danielle,
I admire your focus and ability to tune into your inner self while tuning out the chaos in the outside world. You’ve certainly utilized your time well for reflection, productivity, creativity, and growth in 2021. I’m looking forward to reading your book and gaining more insight about your journey.

Have you read Dani Shapiro’s memoir “Inheritance.” It deals with themes of biology, family, experience, and identity. I think you would related to much of it.

Bruce Levy
Bruce Levy
7 months ago

CONGRATS FOR YOUR MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT! Your book process reminds me of a butterfly going from cocoon to flight. I just bought sculptor Susan Lordis butterfly ornament from Willow Tree and this is her description…it reminds me of courage and strength in the face of adversity. A magical metamorphoses, from tiny egg to hungry caterpillar to brilliant chrysalis spotted with gold, the butterfly emerges a dazzling beauty. Delicate and fragile, yet determined and resilient, to complete its miraculous journey.
It represents the desire in each of us to be our best, to live resiliently, to thrive, to make a positive difference in the world.”
Master Danielle, thanks for sharing your process of giving birth to the book and the challenges you faced to create it. You inspire me to greater self trust. I look forward with great anticipation to reading your book.
Much love and appreciation.

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