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Time of Giving Thanks

Although I believe every moment is a good time for giving thanks, ’tis the season.

So, I thought it would be nice for us to amp up the gratitude consciousness, building a bright capsule of it together to stretch across the United States.  On second thought, while we’re at it, let’s stretch it across the whole world!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing this Thanksgiving: celebrating with family you love, or family don’t love to celebrate with so much; hanging out with friends or by yourself; eating, resting, traveling, working or none of the above….take time to let the bright spirit of thanks swell in your hearts.

On this very day, what are you feeling grateful for?

Let’s make a list, say it out loud, write it in our journals or tell it to a loved one!  Let’s feel it and share it, remembering that when we search for things to be thankful for and give them our sincere attention, our gratitude grows.

Today I am grateful for (in no particular order):

-My upcoming travel

-Loved ones in my life

-My daily meditation

-My recent healing conversation with my brother

-My bed

-My increasing courage & confidence

-Having finally signed the contract with KN Literary for the final process of birthing my book into publication


-My editor

-My power to choose

-Persimmon, mashed yams, chicken, kale, home-popped popcorn, dark chocolate, guacamole, honey crisp apples, licorice tea

-The gratitude gift I recently received from a student, and that student’s sweet heart

-All of you who are reading this

-The light of the Divine

-Love Itself


That’s my list for this moment.  I’d love to hear yours in the comments!

I’m off to clean the bathroom now…with gratitude, of course 😉


Love & Light to all this season, and always~


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8 months ago

I made a childhood dream come true last week. That was just wonderful. I’m also very grateful to have found a therapist who can help me deal with some childhood trauma.

8 months ago

Hi Danielle–Your gratitude list covers a number of key aspects of your full life and you certainly have a great deal to look forward to. However, mundane or momentous, I’m grateful for many things each day and am always hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Most of all, having good health these days is more than enough for anyone to be thankful for!!
I leave you with this quote:
“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson

Vinson Shinabery
Vinson Shinabery
8 months ago

I’m loading the capsules of gratitude for you right now. I’m dispensing them to the four winds— and taking 2 for myself! News of your book forthcoming soon is a wonderful Christmas cheer. I am going to buy your book the first chance I get!!! Have a Supernatural Christmas and New Year Master Danielle!!!! Vinson

Vinson Shinabery
Vinson Shinabery
7 months ago

You have a new cover photograph! It is one holistic expression , impression; of natural health and soul. Master Danielle, you strike a great picture!! I’d like to see it cover much more space. It is too good to be small!!! Vinson

Yvonne Siderius
Yvonne Siderius
7 months ago

Lieve Danielle (Dutch for Dear Danielle),
Once I reply to one of your posts, I keep on reading other posts and get “triggered” to reply to other post. Since I know I am a trigger happy person (ADHD.. Who? Me?) I indulge myself happily into that!
What I am thankful of?
– The fact that both of my parent are still living and healthy and that I have a very good relationship with them
– My endurance to keep on going and stubbornness to give up
– All the people that have led me back to myself, to who I truly am, who have protected me against myself. Who were there to shine a light on the way to zelf acceptence and self discovery
– My beautiful mind with all it’s quirks and awkwardness
– My ability to express my feelings with the right words
– My ability to be a light to other people (an elderly woman at work said that when I come into a room, the room lights up?)


Yvonne Siderius
Yvonne Siderius
7 months ago

Dear Danielle,
Reading back different posts from the past, I “stumbled” on the one from March 2019, Trust. A reaction to the question in One of my replies. How do I trust myself?
And suddenly I realised. That’s What I’m most thank full for: My trust in me, in myself, the person that I am. It’s such a warm and comforting feeling. Such a beautiful thought to end the old year and start the New year with.
Even better, all this is surrounded with a stunning feeling of pride. I got myself to this point.
Just wanted to share this warmth and realisation with you (all).
And maybe time to start writing on my blog again.


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