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Healthy Summer

I hope that you all are having the healthiest, happiest and most peaceful summer that you could possibly have, despite worldly circumstances.

If there was ever a time to practice that “I am a creator of my own life,” I feel that time is now.

More than maybe ever, we are being given wild and crazy opportunities to make difficult choices each and every day.

What are you choosing for?

I truly hope that you are choosing for your health, happiness and peace. If you don’t do it, there is nobody who can or will choose it for you.

This is something that is truly in your hands. And that’s the good news.

So, if you are looking for a healthier, happier and more peaceful action to take these days, I’d like to share with you a link to Body and Brain’s Summer Health Webinars.

I myself will be leading a session called, “Intro to Emotional Self Mastery” with focus on increasing Self-Acceptance & Self-Love.

The more we practice to accept and love ourselves, the more we can accept and love the situations that we find ourselves in. Everything begins with you, all the answers are truly within you, and you are the hope that you are looking for.

The below link leads to more info on my session and how to register if you are interested. I believe that you can follow it to find out about other positive, healing webinars that will also be taking place this summer.

May you awaken, grow, heal & transform through your wise and conscious choices!


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vinson Alan shinabery
vinson Alan shinabery
2 years ago

I am looking forward to a great book in the very near future from author Master Danielle.
Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird, that cannot fly—–
. Johnathan Livingston Seagull.

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