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I came across two passages in the Connect Book that I especially loved, and resonated perfectly with my own experiences on this journey of growth and transformation. I also felt they were quite relevant to the things I am usually talking and sharing about, so I wanted to post them here for you!

Continuous choosing and practicing are required to be a Power Brain. Just because you’ve had a moment filled with confidence and hope, that condition won’t continue forever. You may go back to a Dark Brain state, pushed there by the inertia of habits ingrained in your body as you’ve lived your life. There’s no other way out but to honestly check the condition of your brain. “My brain is now a Dark Brain,” you realize. “Negative consciousness is occupying my brain again.” Then you can choose whether to continue in that state or get yourself out of it. Isn’t it fortunate that you have been given the power and authority to make that choice at any moment, no matter how difficult or troubling your situation may be?

A Power Brain is someone who has clearly realized this: “I am responsible for my life and the condition of my brain!” Don’t push that responsibility off onto anyone else, and don’t make any excuses. Choose this harsh truth, and choose it over and over again. Practice, and then practice again… To achieve brain mastery, it’s only natural that innumerable attempts, trial and error, and continuous choosing and practice are necessary.

-Ilchi Lee, Connect, p. 162-163

When we trust that it’s all about choosing and practicing again and again and again, we can relax our minds and cultivate patience about our own process. It is, after all, a process that takes time and devotion, sincerity and humbleness. It is a process that strengthens our will and conviction with each and every choice that we make.

When you enter into deep meditation, you’ll clearly see the current state of your consciousness. You’ll realize what has captured your brain. You’ll see that the forms of negative consciousness…are actually heavy baggage continuously pulling you down. You can’t help but be shocked when you see yourself holding tightly to such things, even though all you have to do is let go. Why? It’s because those things are delusions. No real answers are found there, no matter how much you cling to them. You will just spin endlessly through a repeating circuit, going back and forth between suffering and pleasure.

If you tell people to let go of those delusions, though, they often act as if it’s so hard that it’s going to kill them. That’s because they are comfortable only if they are holding onto something. Living that way has become a habit. They don’t realize that they need to hold onto something else instead of what they’ve been grasping. What should you hold onto? There is but one answer: your true self, your original nature! This is your soul, and the divinity your soul wants so much to meet. That alone is true and everlasting.

-Ilchi Lee, Connect, p. 163-164

Letting go, recognizing illusions, choosing your truth. This all sounds so simple but often times feels so difficult to do. However, once we begin to get the hang of it, it leads us to extremely profound and liberating places. And although everything in our lives may remain the same, we somehow feel that we are new.

I hope that you enjoyed the quotes I posted today. If you resonate with them, feel free to share. Also, if you have had a chance to read the Connect book yourself and there were other parts that particularly touched you, please also share with me in the comments anytime!

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  1. alice says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I’ve read the passages and thoughts you just posted several times in order to fully process the concept of the Power Brain. Choosing your truth resonates with me much more than finding your truth. I love the empowerment association of those words! I’m also in search of the “Magic Button” or Third Eye connection. Do you have any additional comments you would be willing to share about your experiences with that?

    Thank you!!

    1. Danielle says:

      Hi Alice! I myself use the pineal gland training that is taught in the Connect book. When I stimulate my pineal gland and bring energy there, my third eye begins to open. My brain becomes very bright and I obtain a huge amount of creation power. What works best for me is when I connect with the energy line of the cosmos and bring that energy into the center of my brain, into my pineal gland. It requires a lot of relaxation, concentration and trust. Inside of that place I can open the field of my imagination and draw pictures of what I want to manifest – what makes my heart truly happy. The more we utilize the function of our pineal gland or “third eye”, the more it develops. You might consider checking out this meditation in the Connect Book. He goes into depth about how to do it for the best result. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the information on the “third eye” Danielle! I am interested in finding out more about this fascinating aspect of meditation. There is so much to learn and explore…

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