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Connect. A perfect word for this moment.

First of all, I am happy to have a chance to sit down and write this blog and connect with all of you once again. It has been an extremely busy couple of months for me, as I have been re-locating the Body & Brain Center where I work. I have never done such a project before, so it was a whole new world for me, and it took every ounce of my brain power to make it happen. Now that it’s wrapping up, I have time to reflect and re-connect.

Connect by Ilchi Lee

I have been reflecting upon my theme for 2019 that I set out at the beginning of the year. I realized that I am more than halfway through the year, but I hadn’t yet stopped to evaluate my goal! My theme for this year was, “Letting go, letting go, letting go.” It’s funny to me that it was not just ONE letting go, but THREE of them. Now I know why the universe worked so hard to keep delivering this lesson to me! The year so far has looked very much like this: Let Go. Let Go More. No Danielle, you have to let go EVEN MORE! Thank you, Dear Universe, for loving me so much and keeping me on track to achieve my goal 🙂

Let go of what? I feel that most of all I have been asked to let go of two things. #1) My fantasies and illusions about people (including myself), and life. And #2) My reactions. Not only my reactions to outside circumstances, but my reactions to my own habitual thoughts, emotions and sensations. Let me try to explain this a little more…

Recently, we had a visit from a great senior master – Ilchi Lee’s longest student – Byuk Woon Sunsa Nim. While he was here in Washington, he said something that really pierced my consciousness. His words shook my brain and heart. He said, “Life is a daydream brought on by physical sensations.” Wow. Yes. So true. That’s how my brain responded. Day to day, moment to moment, we are all in a sea of many sensations arising from all kinds of stimulus. Then, unconsciously we keep making our own meaning, ideas, stories and fantasies based on those sensations. Further, we go on living our lives – making our choices and actions, building our relationships and our self-identity – according to such a fantasy. This is why awareness and watching ability is so critical. So that, at the very least, we can all become the Master of this Daydream we call Life.

My letting go experience this year has been very much a process of breaking down and sometimes even shattering the fantasy. Although this can be an extremely painful experience at times, there is nothing that has brought me closer to a sense of freedom. A momentary awareness of the place of zero attachment. Momentary. But, enough to influence me in profound ways. It’s like a disconnecting with the construct of life and the people in it that I have created, and a re-connecting with my Self.

So, it’s perfect that Ilchi Lee’s most recent book is called “Connect.” As I have been reading this book, there have been times where I literally say “Yes!” out loud because it has been so perfectly speaking about my own journey, as well as the process of Self-Mastery that I try to teach my students. And at other times, warm tears streamed down my cheeks as I have contemplated about my Soul. For instance, just last night I was sitting in my car, waiting for a meeting and I read this short passage:

When I read these words, I paused for a long time to have a deep conversation with my soul – right there in the parking lot. It was an open, honest, touching conversation that brought me healing and strength.

Personally, I made a choice 17 years ago to live for my soul above any other thing. As I have embarked on the journey to do so, there have been many many times when I have fallen into the grip of my own emotions, judgements and habits. There have been times when the shouts of my physical body, or the circumstances around me, pulled me here and there and I lost my precious soul. However, I am proud of myself that I never completely let go, and I always found my way back to the pure essence that I love so much and want to live for. The pure essence that I want to create a beautiful world for, and that I want to awaken in others. I always come back to my truth and my purpose. And this is how I have grown. But as I read this book, it reminds that there is still a ways to go, and it wakes me up to what I need to do.

So, the book came to me at a perfect moment. I highly recommend it for anyone exploring emotional mastery or spirituality. We always need the reminder to Connect more deeply with ourselves and our souls. And if we consciously try to connect with others from that place – rather than from our thoughts, emotions and fantasies – than I think we could heal our wounds, mend our conflicts, grow our love, and make our world a brighter place. All it takes is a bit of courage, choice, and letting go 🙂

Lastly for today, I will leave you with Ilchi Lee’s youtube video on Connection. Let’s stay connected! Enjoy ~!

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  1. vinson shinabery says:

    Hi Master Danielle,
    Your blog is so very helpful. I feel a powerful resonance with Ilchi Lee’s video. Yesterday on the driving range I employed techniques I have been studying. But yesterday, I employed them the way it seemed to me to be particularly fitting. I never do that. It was a great breakthrough practice session. I knew that strategy is a new awakenkng for my golf. It is exactly like Ilchi saying to just play the flute, don’t worry you haven’t been trained by a teacher! Play, and keep playing! Now I see why you quote Master Lee often. Really liked this blog and the video. Much gratitude.

    1. Danielle says:

      I’m so glad to hear that you put the practices and principles to use in your daily life, Vinson! I’m also really glad that you felt a resonance with Ilchi Lee’s video ~ he is my very precious spiritual teacher and guide and all of what I share originates with his teachings which continue to awaken me.

  2. Charlene says:

    Thank you for reconnecting on your blog Danielle. I read your entry with great interest as I too have dedicated my life to the spiritual journey and am currently reading “Connect”. It was comforting for me to read Ilchi’s writings: “Your soul recovers its original position as the master of your being the instant you restore your broken connection with it”. Feelings such as anxiety and fear can sever my connection and the words: “I am sorry, please forgive me for going astray” can enable reconnection. We can always find our way back!
    However, I don’t have clarity about the statement “Life is a daydream brought on by physical sensations”. What fantasy are you referring to? Could you give an example? I am aware of making up stories and meanings. But am puzzled by what fantasy I am making from sensations.

    1. Danielle says:

      Charlene, if you examine your “stories and meanings” carefully, then you will see how they all originate from a physical sensation that stimulated your mind. For instance if you feel fear – fear is a sensation in your body that sends a signal to your brain and then your brain interprets the signal based on all of the information of your past experiences and beliefs and the story starts to unravel from there. That’s why when we do training, if we can just bring ourselves back to the sensation and stay there, we can come out of the story into the reality of the moment (before the story ever began). Does this make sense to you? I hope so 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    I truly believe in the power of the universe and never discounting life’s synchronicities!

    Reading through your blog post and just recently commenting on “Life, Youtube, Flowers” my instinct first went to larger more external things that affect our internal self. Now reading this post i feel like it touched the most “inner sense” of what “letting go” is capable of. I guess i see it in stages or steps like peeling back the layers of an onion. First, i need to clear away all the external noise in my life, the stuff that causes subconscious anxieties, and anything that threatens to pull me off center. Then, its the quest to find that center, to use my breath and take a moment… or lots of moments…. to get grounded. Which ,i think sounds like what you are talking about as feeling connected?…. Then from there i believe i can start to work on observing my feelings/ habits/reactions and letting go without passing judgement (i wounder who introduced that principle to me :)) I am not sure if any of that made sense .. i am having a hard time articulating…

    I feel like some days I can barely handle step one and other days i am well on my way to feeling connected. Each day is a new journey.

    Thank you for sharing that quote… I need to talk to my soul more.

    1. Danielle says:

      Yes! I’m SO happy to hear of all the inner work you continue to do. You are right – some days we feel we are growing in leaps and bounds, other days we are crawling to the starting line, and other days we are tumbling back into our old habits and patters. It’s all part of the process. Just keep going, keep learning, keep connecting again and again. Life particles to you Stephanie!!

  4. N. says:

    Dear Danielle,

    Thank you for this blog. I randomly picked up Kate’s book on Thursday night at 8:30pm. I read in the car while my husband drove us home. I stayed up to midnight reading. While I did watch her TV series, I have not had TV for over 12 years. I knew nothing of her book or other Hollywood news. I finished Kate’s book this morning, and guessed correctly that you would have an online presence. Thank you for making your thoughts and feelings public, a beautiful expression of your 4 parents… and then you, as your own person.

    Your many words on healing, are interesting, as I am coming up on one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. My mother, the only have one, had made me her best friend my whole life…. until her mental health issues pushed me out of the inner circle. She has had such hatred against me, that when I finalize my father’s minuscule estate, she sued me. I had to deal with oncologists and lawyers at the same time. Cancer, alone, was bearable. Cancer and my mother’s actions against me, made me lose the will to live. I sought spiritual help, and received it.

    Reading your blog, and Kate’s account, has helped me to have empathy for what it means to be in the role of mother. We have such hope and desire that a mother will do well, but they are all human, with failings and weaknesses.

    My relationship with my mother is so bad, that I have not been allowed to know where she lived. Then, an amazing blessing happened. My mother’s young lawyer accidentally sent me her invoice, with her current address. Today, I will contact mutual friends. I will request, that they discreetly contact her and offer spiritual support. Whether or not she accepts them, I have full comfort in knowing where my mother is. The mystery was an agony.

    The phrase that I like to identify with is, “Every story can have a happy ending”, and it is truly what I believe. The final chapter on life, this planet, and people, has not been written. I fully understand that the earth and all people, will be healed, and it will be a wonderful thing to see.

    1. Danielle says:

      Dear N., thank you for sharing your story with me. I understand that you must have experienced a lot of pain and suffering due to these experiences in your life, and I am so happy to hear that it led you to spiritual healing. I’m assuming that the book you read was “Born with Teeth,” which is what introduced you to me – is that correct? I’m glad that it was somehow helpful for you. Your perspective on life and this planet is touching to me. I appreciate your mind and heart, and I truly wish the best for you in your journey. Thank you again for reaching out.

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