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New Zealand!

I went to New Zealand!  And I LOVED IT     🙂

It was more than a vacation to a beautiful place for me.  It was a precious spiritual experience.

I think that I can confidently say that New Zealand is now my favorite place on Earth.  It’s truly difficult to describe what I experienced there because it was so far beyond the oohs and ahhs of waterfalls and ocean views.  It was an energy – a pure, simple and peaceful energy field, so different from the one we have here in America.  I felt at home inside of that energy.  I felt myself, magnified.  On most days I simply felt like the sky, or like the wind, or like the sunshine.  I felt happiness.

The meditation tour that I went on was incredibly natural and just right. We walked down long trails, taking time to smell wild ginger or smile at tiny wild strawberries.  We drank fresh water that flowed from the earth down long bamboo shoots into our cups, sipping simply under the sunshine. We prayed in front of ancient trees – the Kauri Tree in Waitakare Forest, and the 1000 year old Hwangchil Tree in Mago Holiday Park.  We chewed on kawa kawa leaves and meditated with them stuck all over our faces.  We swam in the warm waves,  dipped our feet in Haruru Falls and even got a friendly visit from a small group of dolphins!  Their spirits were just as joyful as ours to see each other! In every moment I felt the wonder of life itself.

Even when I think of it now, I feel a sparkle in my heart.  Pure Life. I am profoundly grateful for my time there.

In New Zealand, I awakened to Brain Education at a whole new level.  Brain Education is simply being 100% alive.  When I saw the Mauri Native People I was reminded that our humanity began it’s corruption from the time when we broke our promises to each other, our fellow humans, in the name of greed and selfishness.  We corrupted our character and built an entire world on the foundation of that corrupt character.  Brain Education is recovering the original Spirit of Humanity – the light of life inside of us – and simply living it in every moment.

A personal message came for me on one of the very first days that I was there.  We were meditating in front of the Kauri Tree and I could feel her majesty and grace.  She felt like a Queen, reaching her arms up to the sky, embracing so many other life forms in her bosom. Just being near her I could feel the light and love radiating off of her. The tour guide encouraged us to ask her any question. At first I felt quiet and that I didn’t have a question. Then suddenly one came up.

“How can I be like you, Kauri tree?  How can I love like a great mother but not ‘baby’ others?  How can I embrace all without bending, shrinking or compromising myself?”

Her answer came so clearly. She said, “Be proud all the way down to your root.” And when I heard that, I suddenly felt a powerful energy filling up in my first and second chakra and rising up through my body like a giant column of pure strength.  It was a power that was unshakable and at the same time filled with love and wisdom.

This was a very special message to me. I have felt this feeling in my body before but am unable to hold onto it on a day to day basis.  When I feel it, I know that it is my possibility, my truth, a state that I am meant to be in, but fall out of because of my own fear.  I realized that the way my life began- both how I came into this world, as well as what I experienced as a small child – has caused me to have a kind of weakness in the energetic ‘root’ of my body, as well as the root of my physical body.   This has given me life long practice with handling the emotion of fear, an emotion related to the kidneys (which are connected to the first and second chakras).  Of course, I am always thankful to this fear because it drives me closer to Truth, but the message from the Kauri tree put so much into perspective and let me know that I am ready to move on, and which direction I need to go.

This plus countless other moments left me feeling so supported and so loved by nature itself while I was there.  In fact, I was reminded of it again just yesterday when at the end of our Finding True Self Workshop, one participant shared that she had awakened to Love. She said, “Not the love that only comes from other people but love that is already existing in nature and is everywhere when I open myself up to it.”

In New Zealand, I was wide open.

Also, I felt the dream of a healthier, happier and more peaceful humanity was a true possibility when I was in New Zealand.  It felt actually within our reach. These days Ilchi Lee often speaks of Bokbon Hwangchil 2020.

Bokbon: the Korean term for ‘Returning to the Origin’

Hwangchil:  Representing Nature and its healing powers, coming from the Hwangchil Tree, whose extract is extremely restorative and medicinal for the human body.

2020: Our goal.  Humanity must reach a critical mass of  people who have recovered their original nature, original spirit, and become like Hwangchil itself for the rest of the world, in order for us to have a sustainable future on planet Earth.

In New Zealand I felt what achieving Bokbon Hwangchil 2020 could be like.  I felt a dream coming true in my heart.  I felt great inspiration to be a brighter light here in America.  I asked myself time and again how to do that.  I still don’t know the exact answer, but just the asking brings the feeling of New Zealand close to me, and my energy body begins to tingle all over, and I feel joy and hope and purpose.

I hope that all of you reading this will have a chance to go to New Zealand someday.  And that all of you will join me in creating Bokbon Hwangchil 2020.  I believe that is what we are meant to do!

I am sending sending pure New Zealand Life Particles that live in my heart to all!!!


IMG_2173IMG_2209IMG_2242 IMG_2221IMG_2223IMG_2231 IMG_2295

Pics Left to Right:

@ Mago Holiday Park swinging on a swing made by Ilchi Lee over the river,  @ Mago Holiday Park picking and chewing on kawa kawa leaves. They will be dried and used for healing tea!

@ the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, sharing the traditional Mauri greeting with friends.  It means “My past, present and future are meeting with your past, present and future here and now.”

@ the magnificent Matauri Bay –> tree, view, and enjoying the sun after playing in the ocean.

With fellow Body& Brain instructors, my spiritual family, at the soon-to-be site for the Global Earth Village and me with a giant Hwangchil leaf 🙂





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6 years ago

What a wonderful experience you had in NZ. I am delighted for you and a little jealous:)). In response to “how I can be a brighter light here in America? “. You are already a very bright light. I think that Becoming brighter is something we are gifted with don’t have too much control over. We can only be a vessel of openness which you clearly are. A second question that came to my mind was: “how can I further facilitate others discovery and realization of their bright light?”
I, too, this month have felt more awakened to being fully alive. But the vehicle was completely different: it was ongoing experiences of physical limitation, death, and loss. . Reading your blog has made me realize more deeply that God can use any and all experiences to further our enlightenment. I wrote this poem about it:
Having the knowledge that one day I shall not wake in this bodily form,
I awake in the morning with complete gratitude
Knowing that one day I shall not breathe,
I inhale and exhale deeply.
Knowing that one day I shall not taste,
I savor the flavor of the delicious orange.
Knowing that one day I shall not see,
I choose carefully what to read.
Knowing that one day I shall not speak,
I try to speak lovingly.
Knowing that one day I shall die,
I cherish this glorious life Now.

Thank you again Danielle for your wonderful description of your experience in New Zealand.
You are truly graced and blessed.

Kathy Runkle
Kathy Runkle
6 years ago
Reply to  Charlene

Everyone seems like they have such difficulties in life these days. (I don’t remember it being like this to quite this degree when I was growing up.) But I love your very positive attitude and outlook. You’re a beautiful person, Charlene.

Kathy Runkle
Kathy Runkle
6 years ago

I love your pictures. It seems like you had a wonderful experience. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. It’s beautiful and the Maori people – their culture and stories – fascinate me. How lovely that you got to experience that. ♥

6 years ago

Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot. I live in a community in which one member is dying and we are doing for her just what you describe Danielle. Sitting, singing, playing soothing music, supporting her and each other. So what you desire already exists in some places as I am sure you know. Less so in hospital settings where my brother is dying . Hospice is active and is a Huge support and Godsend. Despite all this sometimes I still feel asif my nerves are cranked up to 999:). Dying is hard work for all, the person and those witnessing; and we have a fear of it which is deep in our psyche. So to be present, waiting, with all the feelings is more than difficult as you experienced with your mother. I keep reminding myself to breathe through all the feelings(wanting it to be over, not wanting him to leave). Sometimes that’s all I can do: keep breathing.

Yvonne Siderius
Yvonne Siderius
6 years ago

Dear Danielle,
Maybe I have a possible way to let you be a brighter light back at home. To keep on feeling “the force” 😉
I would literally stay close to the roots, the earth. Because that is where you felt so peaceful. Being outside, especially in a forest or near to trees. Put your BARE feet literally in the earth (maybe mud is even better :D…)
To keep this sparkle with you, try to write down your memories, share stories about it with people you went there (long live the internet!). Maybe keep some photographs with you, or enlarge a special photo and put it at the wall. Just some ideas.

I truly loved your question about being like the Kauri tree (to mother without babying, embrace without bending, shrinking or compromising yourself).
I think the most important is your search for that feeling of purity, energy, love en strength. All these things are no constants, they are fluent. So grasping for it or trying to hold on to it will possibly never succeed. It is like water. You can warm yourself with it, or cool down, you can bathe in it, dive deep in to it or let it soothe you. You can be absolutely baffled and amazed by it’s beauty. But it will always slip out of your hands.

Maybe the beauty of it all is the fact that we keep on searching for it, and finding it again and again. Filling our hearts and our being with this beautiful and amazing fluency.. time and again.

Maybe it learns us that we always have to keep moving, or better said: to keep on being fluent (or flowing). You are never truly “there”, the road(s) keep on unfolding. And again and again you are given a chance to conquer your fear(s).
I believe that your fear is the (greatest) driving force in your life. Because fear is a very uncomfortable feeling, you keep on searching for ways to diminish this fear. Every time you do this, you conquer a part of your fear. It maybe never fully conquered, but it will gradually become less intense.

Having said all this, I still think you are quite a rooted person. Simply because of the way you are: pure, honest ad sparkly. To quote a someone you know: “Her spirit guided this book, and showed me what grace is”.. That’s quite a compliment. And even more an exact description of you. Please don’t forget!

You also mentioned the awakening to love, the kind that already exists in nature. Maybe that love in and from nature, is a reflection of our won love for nature: We get back what we feel and “send out”.

By spreading your own specific energy, your own words and your own love in to the rest of the world, you are creating the flow of purity, love, joy and peacefulness yourself. Try to focus on the giant leaps you already made. What you already have accomplished on your own (by yourself).
How many lives, minds and hearts you already have touched, and enlightened.

You don’t have to win over or convince the world…
Just yourself!
Love and a big hug across the planet,

6 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your Mother, Danielle. How profoundly excruciating for you. Yet the end was in some way beautiful also when you felt her spirit freed. I appreciated the reminder about keeping a calm, contemplative environment to help the passage along. When my father was dying I started sobbing and he came out of his peaceful, morphined state, opened his eyes, very distraught and said, “What’s wrong, Char?” I had disturbed the process by my burst of emotion. I was shocked because he hadn’t spoken for hours. The atmosphere in the room is thus very important.
Yesterday when there, my brother, woke up and wanted a salami sandwich. Go figure!
So I fed him little pieces of salami. Death will come in its own time. It is written on his face. Thank you again.

Yvonne Siderius
Yvonne Siderius
6 years ago

Dear Danielle and Charlene,

Thank you for your wise words and insights. Thank you for sparkling my day with your beautiful words and expierenes.
Love you, X

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