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Hello Everyone!

I’m just taking a moment today to say thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

For me, my blog is kind of like a cozy place where I hope you can come and sit down and chat with me.  There are many things in my heart that I like to share about and reflect on.  I’m so grateful for those of you who share and reflect back with me.  I invite anyone stopping by to do the same!

Recently, I have been lucky to meet someone who is helping me to make some new adjustments and upgrades on it.  One of them is that we added a Services page.  I just want to explain about this a little more.

In my work, I teach principles and practices to help people everyday.  I explore ways in which the mind can come to the body so that we can come to know more about ourselves and heal ourselves on deeper and deeper levels.  I utilize principles of Brain Education as well as messages and exercises from the Solar Body book.  I often deliver many principles which my teacher, Ilchi Lee, has delivered to me through various books and trainings for the last 15 years.

I see people transform everyday, and it is a great joy for me.

When I began this blog and was featured on CBS Sunday Morning & People Magazine etc, many people started contacting me here, on Facebook and via email, from all over the country and world.  Many of them had questions for me and sought advice.  I began to feel that I wanted to help everyone more deeply, not just at a surface level.

Of course, this is a choice that each person makes on their own.  But, I believe in the beauty and great peace and freedom that awaits us when we go deep inside and meet with our Essence.  That’s why I decided to try to offer some of the services that I teach here at my center, online.

We did a 5 week Solar Body class which I might offer again in the future and through that again I could see how much benefit people get through simply taking time to feel themselves and meet with themselves – all parts of themselves.

So for now, I am offering online private sessions with me at the same price that I do this work in my center, here in Seattle.  I am trying to keep it fair for my students here 🙂  In the future, I may offer more classes, as I said, and workshops as well if I find there is an interest and a need.

I truly want to see a better world and I believe it starts with me.  And you.  It’s a responsibility for each of us as human beings to look inward, find our peace, clean off some of our painful layers and shine our light even brighter.  It’s our responsibility for a better me, a better life and a better Earth.

So, it is with my happiness that I offer these sessions.

I would love to meet any of you if you have needs – especially in the areas of adoption, emotional management, mind/body cultivation, spirituality, meeting your inner self, improving your life through self-healing.

I just wanted to take a moment to share about this more thoroughly.  Please feel free to ask any questions or be in touch if you have further interests!




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Yvonne Siderius
Yvonne Siderius
7 years ago

The beauty of this place (I meant your blog, but also the whole planet) is that we can help each other. I find comfort and peace of mind in being guided, I find happyness in being there for someone else. And for me, your blog and your online class gave me both.
Just after the last online class I got a message on Facebook from Charlene, saying that she would miss “meeting” once a week. I now know, and feel, what she truly meant. It was a place of refuge, peace and learning to reach out to one another. And I truely miss that. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to (almost) strangers, than talk to the ones you know and love. It’s much easier to just be our true self. Thank you for that! Not only Danielle, but Charlene, Taya and Robin too.

Robin Blake
Robin Blake
7 years ago

I couldn’t agree more, Yvonne! 🙂

7 years ago

Keep up the good work! I so enjoy this cozy place you have created. You are a beautiful writer and your words lift me up on days I’m feeling low. Thank you! 🙂

Jessica G.
Jessica G.
6 years ago

I love this blog! Now I am just kicking myself that I didn’t see it sooner. I have been reading through the posts and comments, and the people who post here are truly wonderful. 🙂

Love to you all,

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