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I Choose Hope

I talk often about choices and the power of choice.

Did you ever watch the Matrix trilogy?  My favorite part in the entire story is in the final movie when Smith has knocked Neo down and Neo keeps trying to get up, even though he has absolutely no chance to win the fight.  So, Smith goes into this lengthy monologue about what could possibly be Neo’s motivation to get up again?  Is it for peace?  For hope? Or maybe for love?  He explains to Neo that these are all illusions, constructs of  a feeble human mind trying to make sense in the world.  So he continues to ask Neo “Why? Why? Why?” And what does Neo say?  Simply, he says “Because I choose to.”

Just choose.  For choice’s sake.  Because who knows what can possibly happen when we keep trying?  In this universe of infinite possibilities, anything could happen.

That is what I like best about all those epic movies about revolution and saving the world….the heroes always keep choosing hope, to the very last moment.

Recently I realized that I have not been living my life this way.  I thought that I was practicing conscious choice all of the time, but suddenly I realized that there is this other me – a small version of myself who is deeply entrenched in her story – who subconsciously chooses negativity and despair whenever she fails A) Failure or B) Abandonment.  I found those to be 2 strong triggers for me that send me catapulting miles away from my center, and suddenly I’m controlled again by a habitual response.

But by doing this, I can never create a different future.  I realized that the key is in choosing hope, no matter how the reality may look.  Just choose hope in any situation.  Of course, we have to face our situations honestly and look at ourselves clearly and once we have done that work, then we can exercise our power to choose hope.  It requires a good deal of self-trust.  And as we keep doing so, we change our destiny.  We will have a new future that is not just the same old broken record of the past.

So, choose hope for what?  Hope for a new possibility.  Hope for the possibility I dream of.  We are, after all, creators of our lives.  So I took an honest look at where I have been creating misfortune.  I didn’t want to be doing that, but I was, because I was reacting to the moment negatively.  This just brings more negativity.  The universe is a loyal, diligent and fair servant to our requests.

This is akin to turning lemons into lemonade, or crisis into opportunity.  This is what we already know, but sometimes it’s just amazing to come face to face with yourself and realize the possibility you have been missing!  I felt great hope when I realized.  I have hope, because I can choose hope.  Ah ~ this really makes my heart smile 🙂



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7 years ago

Read this poem today and it’s truth filled me with hope.
Don’t know who wrote it.
The search for the Soul
Is a very intimate journey.
It is at the core
Of every longing In the human heart.
It is the search for ultimate love.
For total belonging,
For the meaningful life.
It is our attempt
To live life and find it worthwhile,
To come to see the Presence
Under all the phantoms and shadows-
Beyond all the illusions of life-
And find it enough.

7 years ago

The author of the above poem is Joan Chittistter

Charlene. D.

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