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What is your Awakening?

Published on September 18, 2023  |  19 

When I teach my Emotional Self-Mastery course, I begin classes by asking participants, “What is your awakening about yourself this week?”

In asking this, sometimes people misunderstand, thinking they need to have had some sort of grand enlightenment in order to answer the question.  But, that is not my point.

When I use this word, “awakening,” I’m speaking of the first three steps of Self-Mastery: Awaken, Feel, Watch.  This type of awakening is about bringing my mind back to myself, feeling myself, observing myself and, through all of that, gaining some sort of realization; it’s about utilizing all the happenings of life as an opportunity to learn something about myself. It’s an awakening that naturally arises when I let go of the habit or instinct to blame the outside world, and, instead, examine my inside world.

This process starts with increasing self-awareness, asking myself, “what am I feeling now? Do I recognize this feeling as  a habit?  What triggers me? What inner-stories am I listening to and believing in?” Beginning to recognize these things, rather than just busily going through the day unaware of myself, or even falling into a pattern of unconscious self-avoidance, is an “awakening” in and of itself. 

How so?

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