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A redemptive story of family, forgiveness, and the journey to self-acceptance.
The Healing Tree by Danielle Gaudette
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Published on March 15, 2023  |  2 

These days, I am thinking a lot about the 3-year-old boy I used to babysit for back at the very beginning of my journey with Body & Brain.  In fact, every spring I am reminded of sweet little Nicholas.

As he and I would walk around his suburban neighborhood hand in hand, he would become overjoyed at the sight of every single sprouting flower and leaf.  Bringing us both to a full halt, he would stop in his tracks, his whole body shaking with excitement as he would point and shout, “Buds!!!!!”  I would chuckle to myself because while I had been distracted with the thoughts spinning around in my head, I had neglected to even notice nature doing her thing. But he never missed a single bud! Big ones, small ones, fat ones, pretty ones – he was amazed by them all alike and never lost an opportunity to point them out. One day we were even crossing a parking lot and, while I was looking both ways checking for cars, he spotted some sneaking out from a crack between the concrete, squatted down right there and, per usual, shouted, “Buds!!!!!” 

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