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A redemptive story of family, forgiveness, and the journey to self-acceptance.
The Healing Tree by Danielle Gaudette
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Love Letter to the Earth

Published on April 20, 2024  |  2 

Dear Earth,

Thank you for your bounty. 

You are my food, you are my breath, you are my life.  You gave me this body, and I will give it back to you when my journey is done.

Thank you for embracing me without conditions. 

The moon in the sky doesn’t judge. The trees listen. The hawk that circles over head accepts me completely.

You are my refuge from this busy, crazy world.  You comfort me when the thoughts in my mind are too loud. You always know how to make me smile.

You teach me to be still, to be present, to flow, to let go. 

Your whispers are sweet, your love is grand, and the light in your sky nourishes both my body and my soul.

For all you have given us, I fear we humans, your children, have not loved you properly in return.

We have been too selfish, too insensitive, too unaware; too greedy, too stubborn, too numb.

Dear Earth, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you for everything. I love you.

I truly love you.  I wish to be a light for you.

I promise to do my part, however small, to express my indescribable love and gratitude for you.  

I know I will sometimes fall down and forget, but then I will remember again. I will get up and keep going. I will not give up.  For you.

Until the day when your vitality and harmony has been restored, I will keep going.

With love & dreams of a bright future in my heart,



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